Monday, November 23, 2015


What has happened to simple manners these days?!?! I swear, hardly anyone says please or thank you. No one holds doors open. It's always gimme gimme gimme, me me me. Pisses me off. It's one of the many reasons that I dislike most children that aren't my own. It amazes me how most parents don't teach their children basic manners. Don't get me wrong, my kids can still be giant brats, but they are polite brats. I may cuss like a damn sailor, but I'm a fucking polite sailor. Therefore, I challenge you, not only during the holiday season, but in every day life, to remember your manners. When the Starbucks barista hands you your $10 mocha, thank her. When you are walking out of a store and the parent behind you is struggling with bags and a stroller, hold the door open for them. It may seem simple, but the act of being polite and treating people like humans goes a fucking long way. 

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  1. A timely reminder! And I agree with you - if the kid hasn't been taught manners, most will regard him/her as a brat and not want to be around them. That's going to make getting a job in the future pretty hard.